Where does the food go?

When fresh food is rescued by the Food Reclamation Network, its first stop is the walk-in refrigerator at the Penns Valley Food Centre. From there, the food is repackaged and distributed all over the county to our beneficiary organizations. We distribute to both large and small relief organizations, and prioritize those with the least resources available for fresh produce storage. Oftentimes, relief organizations find it difficult to offer fresh produce to their clients because they lack the space and money for adequate refrigeration. Through our produce delivery service, our partners can receive fresh produce when they need it without added cost or space. Below is a list of organizations that offer fresh produce from The FoodCentres Project.


Centre County Women’s Resource Center (State College, PA)

FaithCentre (Bellefonte, PA)

Hearts for Homeless State College (State College, PA)

New Hope Lutheran Church Food Pantry (Spring Mills, PA)

Park Forest Preschool (State College, PA)

Penns Valley Family Service Center (Aaronsburg, PA)

Penns Valley Youth Center (Spring Mills, PA)

Philipsburg Community Action (Philipsburg, PA)

Potter Township Food Pantry (Centre Hall, PA)

State College Food Bank (State College, PA)

State College Meals on Wheels (State College, PA)

Taproot Kitchen (State College, PA)

If you are a relief organization interested in receiving produce delivery, please contact jessie@foodcentres.org.

If you are interested in volunteering to assist with produce delivery, please contact jeremy@foodcentres.org.

If you are in need of food assistance, click here.