Where does the food come from?

The FoodCentres Project’s Food Reclamation Network gleans fresh produce from farmer’s markets, farms, gardeners, and anywhere else that has fresh, edible produce that would otherwise go to waste, and transports it the Penns Valley Food Centre. From there, it goes to people who need it, such as food pantries and other relief organizations. Our network of donors is large and diverse, from small backyard gardeners to large vegetable farms. All have one thing in common: a dedication to using their resources to give back to the community. Below is a list of farmers who prioritize helping their neighbors through the Food Reclamation Network.

Ardry Farms (Howard, PA)

Bee Tree Berry Farm (Zion, PA)

Breezy Acres Farm (Mifflintown, PA)

Clan Stewart Farm (Huntingdon, PA)

Crystal Hollow Farm (Woodward, PA)

Edenview Foods (Tyrone, PA)

Full Circle Farm (Spring Mills, PA)

Groundwork Farms (Woodward, PA)

Hostetler Farm (Aaronsburg, PA)

Jade Family Farm (Port Royal, PA)

OHF Orchards (Mountain Top, PA)

Patchwork Farm (Aaronsburg, PA)

Tait Farm (Centre Hall, PA)

Tamarack Farm (Spring Mills, PA)

Woodside Acres (Spring Mills, PA)

If you are a farmer or gardener and would like to donate produce, contact jeremy@foodcentres.org (Happy Valley) or kevin@foodcentres.org (Penns Valley) to get started! We appreciate you sharing your bounty with your community.